Where do your donations go ?

Your contribution is much more than just a donation—it’s an investment in health that helps give the people of central and eastern Quebec and New Brunswick access to IUCPQ’s ultraspecialized care in cardiology, respiratory medicine, and obesity-related illness.

Thanks to YOUR generosity, the Foundation has collected over $25 Million for IUCPQ in recent years. This money goes toward advancing research, purchasing new medical and laboratory equipment, developing and implementing new technologies, and maintaining a tissue bank.

Donation repartition

Some examples

$227,000 to purchase a new positron emission tomography (PET) unit, state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment that enables us to more swiftly diagnose heart and respiratory disease in a number of patients. This technology helps us make key surgery decisions and more accurately target surgical interventions.

Annual research competitions organized by the Foundation give specialists the means to enrich their research in certain ultraspecialized areas of cardiology, respiratory medicine, and obesity/metabolism-related illnesses

Thanks to the Foundation’s major $2.5 million contribution to Phase III of the Institute’s research center expansion project, over 100 people have been hired to work on various research projects. These projects focus on diseases related to cardiovascular and respiratory risk factors (neurobiology of obesity, insulin resistance, inflammation and cardiovascular disease, the genetics of cardiovascular and respiratory disease, and muscle and energy metabolism). This financial assistance has helped the research center attain an even higher degree of excellence and innovation in the field of cardiology and metabolic pulmonology.

With the opening of a respiratory endoscopy procedure room, people in central and eastern Quebec suffering from respiratory illnesses now have access to a state-of-the-art treatment facility. The new room, the biggest and best equipped in Canada, allows for a broader array of diagnostic testing, including early cancer screening. In addition, wait times for tests and treatments have been reduced, improving working conditions for medical specialists and researchers. The new procedure room allows IUCPQ’s multidisciplinary pulmonology and thoracic surgery department to maintain its standing as a Canadian leader in the field, with new respiratory health treatments meeting the very highest international standards.